Raptor Tank Cleaning System

A tank cleaning solution by Twin State Environmental. Please visit RaptorTank.com for more information!

  • No Human Entry–SAFE
  • Complete Automation–Superior Clean
  • Economical & Efficient–Cleans in MINUTES
  • Sustainable–Generates Reusable Product

Visit RaptorTank.com

Our Mission

Man in field with plans and hardhat
  • Growing Relationships resulting in Best Served Customers
  • Dedicated to providing Superior Experiences to our Customers, Communities and Employees
  • The Highest Quality Products and Services in a Safe, Sustainable and Economical Environment

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Our History

Twin State Incorporated logo

3541 E. Kimberly Rd
Davenport, Iowa 52807

Twin State Environmental is a division of Twin State Inc.

  • Founded in 1958 by the Tinsman brothers Scott, Sr. and Hovey, Jr.
  • Started as a wholesale chemical manufacturer of liquid fertilizers
  • 60 plus years of continuous growth
  • Remains family owned and operated
  • 500 full time and 350 seasonal employees

Twin State Divisions:


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  • 3 Fertilizer Manufacturing plants
  • 25 Retail Ag facilities
  • Seed & Chemical Sales

Grain Elevators

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  • Grain Storage & Marketing
  • Fuel Sales
  • Lumber & Hardware Stores


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  • Website Development
  • IT Networking
  • Software Programing
  • Digital Marketing


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  • Tank Cleaning Services
  • Tank Cleaning Equipment


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  • Up to 20,000 lb castings
  • All metal types and armor

Twin State Inc locations:

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Map of the Midwestern United States


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